Instant Design Templates

Do you already have a printer that you work with but need a design to fit your style? That is where our Instant Design Templates come in. Whether you need a business card, logo, or flyer, we have several pre-made Photoshop and Illustrator templates already made and ready for you to download and customize or give to your preferred printing company. If you do not see a design you like, just let us know! We constantly add new designs every week!
These designs have been made to specifications required by most commercial offset printers.
Best of all, you do not have to wait for your design. Once you pay, you will receive your download by email right away within minutes!

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Web Hosting

In today’s  technological society, having a website for your business is almost a necessity. A website requires web hosting and we can help with that.
Our low-cost hosting plans are priced especially to accommodate small businesses who need a simple website or large businesses who expect a lot of traffic.
We support our local small businesses and we know how expensive it could be to get your business up and going. That is why we offer affordable payment plans on all of our hosting services to help you budget your money for other things like marketing and production.

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Graphic Design

One of the biggest aspect of a business is its brand. Branding requires a unique special touch that sets your company aside from your competitors. Our team of graphic designers is here to help you achieve that special touch with our custom Graphic Design services.
Our designers work hard to find the best logo that describes your brand and you and they take it a step further by integrating that design with all of your marketing designs for flyers, brochures, signage, and more.

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Tech Support

Imagine that you are at the office working on an important order and suddenly your computer goes out. That is not a good sign! You have clients depending on you to get orders out fast and respond to emails. Luckily, with our Tech Support services, we can get an experienced technician out to you right away and get you back up and go.
Call us only when you need us, or check out our Tech Support plans and have a technician on call anytime! Either way, we will provide you with top notch service and we won’t confuse you with too much tech talk.

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Web Design

So you have a hosting plan and a URL, what next? Now you need a website that your potential clients can navigate easily and contact you when they are ready. Building a website can be a very mind-wrecking task to take on, especially if you have never done it before.
With our web design service, we will customize your site with your brand and get your online presence established in no time at all. Once  your website is live, you will have full access to add updates, photos and much more without the need for any technical knowledge or special software.
If you have been shopping around for a custom designed website, you know they can be very expensive. With The Graphic Geek, we can get you up and running for as little as $299!

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Commercial Printing

If there is one thing a business always needs it is a printer. Whether you are stocking up on business cards or promoting a sale with flyers, our commercial printing service offers everything you will need.
From business cards to billboard wraps, we can handle any printing job and have it shipped directly to your door at a fraction of the cost of other major printers.

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